February 28, 2011


I've been starting to make goals for each month.  It seems that the weeks fly by too quickly and I need to make monthly goals instead.  Actually, what I'm saying there is that I can't get as much done as I always think I can!

I made goals for February ranging from weight loss, crafts to do with the kids, and projects (both home and sewing and knitting) to complete.  So how did I do for February?  Well, good on the weight loss, okay on the projects, and I still have time to do one more craft with the kids.

Now, onto the next month.  One of my goals for March is to get this wallpaper down.  Isn't it hideous?  When we bought the house, I thought, "well wallpaper - that's cosmetic - it can be changed and it's not hard to take down".  I was wrong.  It's so hard to take down.  I have gone through half a spray bottle of Pirahna, a solution to remove wallpaper.  I can't keep the wall wet long enough.  It's a mess and I've torn up the wall quite a bit.  But I'm hoping it will get easier if I learn to be patient and wait until the wall is soaked before I start scraping.

Wish me luck!  I try to do a little each evening while the kids are bathing.  I don't know how to tackle the ceiling.  Crazy I tell you.

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  1. Hi I popped over from little big girl studio. I am very nervous about having to take down wallpaper in our bathroom too! It is OLD and I am sure it was hung up there with contact cement! Hope yours goes well soon.


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