February 27, 2011

The Tote

Last week I talked about making a tote for Etame following this quick (20 min) tutorial.  Well, it was quick!  I didn't really need the tutorial for the simplicity of it, but it still was nice to have the dimensions all figured out for me.

I used fabric that I had bought at my favorite local fabric shop, A Fabric Place (truly, that's the name).  I had planned to make a skirt with it but it is more of a canvas material so it works better for a tote anyhow.  The handles I used are actually ties that I kept from a slipcover we had in our old house.  It was nice because it was already hemmed.  Easy.

And of course I sewed "her label" in there because I have like 500 of them.  That was the minimum order when I bought them.

Now she has a new spring tote bag that will fit all her preschool art and papers!


  1. That is super cute...but not nearly as cute as your model!

    PS - I've been reading your blog for several years but I think this is my first comment. I met your "crazy" sister in our PIP class 4.5 years ago!

  2. I love the previous commenter! She was the one who was able to guess Quinn's name!! anyhoo, LOVE the bag--I continue to be amazed at my creative sister. WHY didn't I get that gene??? Love ya tons!


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