October 7, 2012

Back to School Picture

Landon jumped right in at school.  Third grade.  I'm especially excited for this year since my mom taught third. 

He seems to be adjusting well, meeting new friends, and up for the challenge. 

There have been a couple times when I've asked him about the boys in his class and if he thinks they could be close friends.  That's when he gets quiet and starts remembering his best friends back in Baltimore.  Those pauses make him sad.  It's tough sometimes.

But pauses are good too.  He knows he is capable of making those strong friendships, and he knows he has old friends back on the other coast too whenever we travel back.

His teacher said he's doing fantastic, especially out on the playground of course.  Oh, and everyone thinks he has an accent (thanks to his speech issue) and he thinks that's super cool.  Not sure how it will help his speech but he has no social anxiety about it whatsoever!  Even though we didn't live in Boston (cah instead of car).  We may have to give him some extra cool sayings like "whe-rah ya?" and "wicked" to give him even more confidence - ha!

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